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After struggling as a child with a compromised immune system, I have spent my life regaining my health and wellness through mentors and countless books, and today I am finally becoming the ELITE version of myself.  Now that I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, there is nothing stopping me from helping YOU become the ELITE version of YOURSELF.

In 2015, I joined YouTube which gave me the platform to share my videos, which include creative exercises along with tips on health and wellness.  As an athlete myself, I tend to focus on how other athletes can utilize these exercises, tips and information to improve their performance in their game.  My YouTube channel has already reached over 65,000 views, and continues to steadily grow.  If you'd like to join my family of ELITE'S, please like and subscribe to my channel, utilizing the links on this page.


I have had the privilege to see my private athletes benefit from my personal sessions, and now I am offering it to YOU as EXCLUSIVE content here on this site!  The cost for private training sessions can often times be prohibitive, so I am offering you exercises that are affordable and effective.  Remember, "It's YOU versus YOU.  Make sure YOU win!"





Each video features two exercises with progression.  Be challenged by performing the routine with me at the end of each video!


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Client Testimonials

"Elite Fitness With Steve has turned me into an all around better athlete.  The amount of time and effort Steve puts into his clients is world class.  If you are dedicated to Elite Fitness With Steve, you will get the results you want."

Johnny G.

"After a few years of college, I became unhappy with my weight. Elite Fitness With Steve was able to create a workout plan for me all the way in North Carolina. Before I knew it I was down 30 pounds and I was able to meet all of my fitness goals."

Alyssa S.

"I've been athletic my entire life and in good shape, but I wanted to get better and stronger.  I decided to give Steve a shot because I needed some assistance and guidance.  I want to get in to tip top shape for the Police Academy and pursue a dream in Law Enforcement.  I have been working with Steve and his workouts are brutal, and he pushes me to the max.  He works with you, makes you feel comfortable, motivates you and makes routines that fit your individual goals.  Every session I feel stronger and conditioned more than my previous session.  If you are looking to achieve your full potential, Steve can definitely get you there!

Jesse R.


Let me hear from YOU!

Please send me your success stories, and get entered into quarterly merchandise drawings! Just complete the information to the right to enter.  You will be alerted by email, if you've won!

I love helping you create the ELITE version of YOU!  If there is specific content you'd like to see, you can reach me via email, or by choosing a link below.  

Take care, and PEACE

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